By Nsiiro Jacob

If you ask many Ugandans, they have never seen anyone that enjoys and has the ability to portray generosity like the socialites of the Rich Gang group. However, the Rich Gang boys; IvanSsemwanga, KingLawrence and EdCheune were forced to have a taste of their own medicine by a Kampala-based businesswoman that had also come to Dorah Mwima Foundation’s ‘A Celebrity for Charity’ football match. This all happened when it was time to auction a jersey that had the autographs of all the celebrity players that had featured in the match. Auctioning started at as low as shs 50,000 by Alex Muhangi, then to Shs 100,000 by Salvador and later shs 150,000 by Navio. At this point, the auctioneers; Salvador and Navio asked the Rich Gang boys to have a say about the bid. Their offer was as astounding as expected, Shs 1,000,000. It was not until the bid, went as far as Shs 3 Million that the surprise woman identified as Barbara Namata surfaced. She kept on beating every offer that the Rich Gang brought to the table by Shs 100,000 until they could not go any further at Shs 4.4 Million. This is when King Lawrence gave up and asked, “I want to take a photo with this woman who has dared to challenge the Rich Gang.” When asked why she had dared to Challenge the men that are known for blowing money, she had this to say, “The Rich Gang have money for drinking, I have money for charity.” Meanwhile, let it never be said that she promised it and did not fulfill her pledge, Namata paid Shs 4.5 Million cash for the jersey and Shs 1 Million for the ball that had been used to play.