Mwota Bazil wins MUK Guild President seat


By OUR reporter

Basil Mwotta capitalized on his base from Education students as he managed to become victorious in the tightly contested race. His close rival Ssemboga registered his highest win at the Medical School and at Engineering. Before the provisional results were announced, Police was forced to use teargas to dis-pass and calm supporters of both candidates at the EC offices in Makerere. Mwotta is now the 82nd Guild President of Makerere University and will be replacing John Bala who was supporting Semboga. Bazil Mwotta is pursuing a Bachelor of Education Degree in History and Divinity.

Mwotta who started off as a weak candidate, but by the end of the race, he has emerged victorious. Mwotta is now the new Makerere University Guild President having been elected with over 4498 votes as opposed to DP’s Roy Ssemboga’s 4287.