My Boobs are straight despite men sucking them -Alicia Bosschic replies Bad Black


By Our Reporter

The cold war between night theme host and socialite Alicia Bosschic and the former socialite Shanita Namuyimba commonly known as Bad Black will not end now.

The snap chat queen Bad Black is well-known for exposing and attacking slay queens calling them cheap, but Alicia Bosschic is verbally exposing her too using her well shaped body.

Alicia recently came out on social media and shared pictures of her tits enclosed in a top shirt without a bra inside.

Alicia basically wanted to prove Bad Black that her boobs are still straight and standing not like hers.

“Queen Masolo Bad Black said mbu my boobs are fallen 😂😂Let me give her full collection of sharpshooter” Alicia Bosschic posted pictures of her nice tits