Namulondo Evelyn narrates how she met with Rema


Evelyne Namulondo, the girl who has been a mainstay in Singer Rema Namakula’s life has come out to reveal what really attracted her to the singer, revealing that she is the friendliest celebrity she has met.

Namulondo who many have branded Rema’s handbag due to their bosom friendship has been constantly seen in company with the singer during functions and during outings.

When Rema was still with Big Talent boss Eddy Kenzo, Evelyne used to visit Seguku at a regular basis to the extent that it was rumoured the the “Sitya loss” star could have bedded the Ebonies actress as well. While Speaking to Record TV’s Anderson Luzze, Namulondo revealed that nothing can step into her friendship with Rema.

‘I have been a best friend to Rema for 9 years. We met while she was still in Gagamel through a friend called Muwonge. What attracted me to her was her sweet voice and of course, she looked very juicy and young,’ Namulondo Evelyn revealed.