“No one died at our Beach”,Spennah Beach Management denies


By our writer

50 people were reported missing, 20 bodies recovered from the lake-shore surrounding Aero, Lido and Speenah Beaches believed to be Boxing day revelers who drowned under unknown circumstances. Police has gone on to order the closure of all the above mentioned beaches until further notice.

However,Spennah Beach Management have come out clearly to deny that people lost their lives at their place as quoted below from their Facebook page.

The management of Spennah Beach would like to send its condolences to the entire nation, families and friends of the deceased who lost their lives this festive season. May their souls rest in eternal peace.

On this note we would also like to clarify that NOBODY DIED at SPENNAH BEACH and all safety precautions/measure have been and will always be in place for the safety of our clients. We are open and running as usual.

Happy New Year.