NTM CYPHER diss Talent Africa’s UG CYPHER


By Lubz Kenny
There is a budding war between Talent Africa and a few rappers from Ntinda, and it has taken a whole different twist with the rappers from Ntinda dropping their own cypher the NTM CYPHER, on this one they are dissing Talent Africa and going ahead to diss the rappers on the Ug Cypher too, reasons for the rift have been rumored to be ranging from the problem between former Airport Taxi duo Tucker HD and Llyboc, these two who parted ways earlier on last year and it turned into beef between the rappers the latter is said to have been doing a lot of promo for the NTM cypher before it was released , there are also rappers like Pryce Teeba of the “side zeno” song who unfortunately despite his recent rise on the scene couldn’t make the cut to the final Ug Cypher too, many of the rappers on the NTM cypher feel they were good enough to make it on the Ug cypher, however rappers on the Ug Cypher have come out to brush off the disses they got from the NTM group by calling their Cypher good with childish motives, you can also judge on your favorite of the two by following the links below, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TSuInQq-6hA https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRwLyhMR6c0