NXT Radio makes one year today, ranked fastest-growing station!


NXT Radio makes one year today, ranked fastest-growing station!

A year ago, Next Media Services officially launched NXT Radio, a unique concept of an audiovisual radio – music, entertainment and sports that other than just being listened to, can also be watched, following about 2 months of that all so memorable “Next Big Thing” teasing we all got coming our way.

It would then hit the airwaves on October 17th 2018. A blockbuster lineup of presenters followed, and NXT Radio has since gone on to disrupt local airwaves, subsequently stamping its position as a leading player in the local entertainment industry both via stereo and online.

Online, NXT Radio will surely be proud of having the fastest growth rate among radio stations with over 100,000 organic fans across all it’s social media platforms, while offline, the station is ranked among the top 3 English radio stations in the land, all of this in just 12 months.

If you’re the young Ugandan looking out for fun entertaining content, NXT Radio have over their first year proven to be your channel of choice.

We have also reliably learnt that the station’s management are planning a 6-month celebration. With some really cool parties and events thrown by the station already, such as the NXT Girls’ Trip that took 4 girls to Dubai recently, we can already tell what the next 6 months will be like.

If you’ve somehow not listened to the station, NXT Radio is available on 106.1FM, the NXT Radio mobile app and on Channel 233 on StarTimes TV