Pallaso replies to Sheebah’s apology message. Read it Here


By our writer

A few days back, singer Sheebah openly came out and apologized to former Team No sleep singer Pallaso as a way of ending their beef. Earlier on today, Pallaso took in the apology as he was quoted below;

“I would like to take this time out to honor Sheebah’s heart felt message. In the first place I personally have no problem with Sheebah. Sorry is always enough and fixes so many things. We together have changed Ugandan music to a new direction and generation and people have loved us and supported us. Either way, we all have different destinies and in the end each one of us will be weighed by his sole creations. Your message should set an example for so many others. That is the ones that were here before us and the ones that will come after us. The sorry has been taken and all in all personally I know you are a great person now let’s take Ugandan music forward. You are a great woman and I have always known you to being the lady you have turned out to be in this very emotional message regardless of every thing else that has been fabricated to create the damage. Uganda needs peace from our politicians to all industries including our music industry and this example is a good way to start. I forgive you my friend and I call upon every one on my team to do the same”