Phiona Nsubuga offers s@x in exchange for collabos from big artists -Ziza Bafana.


By Male Ronald

Dancehall singer Ziza Bafana has finally hit back at upcoming singer Phiona Nsubuga who recently claimed that the ‘Tuli majje’ singer asked her sex to do a video of their song Tubiddemu. However, Ziza Bafana has finally come out to clear the air during the ‘talk n’ talk’ show hosted by Kasuku of Dembe FM.

The singer said that Phiona Nsubuga’s husband asks her to offer sex to big artists in exchange of a collabo. “Her husband tells her to offer sex in order to get collabos from big artists. They also offered me sex but me I denied because all I wanted was money, I did for her a song but she failed to get money for the video.” he revealed.