PHOTOS: Ham Kiggundu’s Mansion now a tourism site for artistes, Hilderman joins Bobi Wine


By staff writer

About a month ago,Bobi Wine the ‘Dembe’ singer and his entire family took a visit to the Ggaba Based Tycoon,Hamisi Kigundu’s mansion. Bobi wine who many of Ugandans term as the richest Artiste,was so surprised and thought Dubai had relocated to Ggaba, his kids never wanted to leave till he forced them to.

This time round Dr.Hilderman a.k.a Hillary Kiyaga also followed Bobi Wine, The ‘Mazongoto’ hit maker was seen touring the mansion as he posed for pictures at Ham’s Mansion. Though leaving the place wasn’t one of desires, Golden band singer had to finally leave after staying in the young billionaire’s gym and sitting room for over 3 hours. Sources reveal it that some celebrities secretly sneak in and tour around though they never take pic. Is this now a new tourism site for our Ugandan celebrities ?? or Ham invites them himself ?. 

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