Revelation: Sheila Gashumba always wanted a pay raise at NTV


By Reporter

Two former NTV employees are at loggerheads and the war of words is far from over. Sheila Gashumba and Robin Kisti have in the past days been involved in a war of words after Sheila disclosed she was being paid 50,000ugx at her former TV job.

However, emerging details now pin her former station for fuelling the beef fronting the former Login presenter to counter her accusations and blast her. It is said 2 managers at Serena are fuelling the former London girl to rubbish Sheila’s accusations.

“Robin Kisti has accused Sheila of drug addiction and that is intended to kill her self esteem and that way withdrawing her claws for the under payment argument” a section of fans noted. “The real argument here is under payment and not how Sheila was bwing rewarded for her services at her TV job” a Facebook comment read.

Further sources have pinned 2 managers of the station who were always at loggerheads with Sheila for pumping the war of words.

 And it’s alleged that the production manager of NTV Jackie Ssenyondo and The producer of NTV the beat Anne are behind Robin Kisti to talk and spoil the young talented presenter’s career because of the truth. The accused are the production manager and producer of the beat at the station for fuelling this feud.

“When sheilah resigned, the two managers tried to make it look like sheilah had been fired which wasn’t the case and now they are back at it, using Robin who everyone thinks should be in rehab to try fight for them by tarnishing Sheilah Gashumba’s name because her tweet went viral and there intention is to break Sheila” a source revealed.