Robin Kisti hits back at Wbs TV’s Luzze Anderson

Now i think ,this a battle between two Television stations…NTV VS WBS TV.  Robin Kisti had this to say after WBS’s Luzze Anderson called her a rabbit “Its funny how people can be desperate for fame that they actually go about it the wrong way. This young boy here Mc Luzze Anderson who i actually know is a big fan of mine because he is one of those young people who aspire to be just like me, tried to insult me with this post. Well if he were a grown man, i would be disappointed that there are men who think like that. But since he’s a lil boy i will give him sometime to grow up and maybe when he does or if he does, he will probably send me a message apologizing for this post. But untill then, i will leave him to you the grown people to school him. Have a great day everyone.
PS: for those who feel sorry for him, please follow him cause hes after some likes and follows, then he can feel relevant.”hhhh