Rwenzori Bottling Company cautions on fake products


By Elijah Mutabuza


Rwenzori Bottling Company is one of the pioneers of bottled water and it has spent many years in the field and has ensured production of safe drinking water to Uganda and overseas. In its latest post it emphasized on provision of quality services and cautioned the masses on fake water that is brought on market under there name.
”We have implemented a product feedback programme. In case you have any product reactions please call 0312333000.
We are fanatical about our quality and proud of our quality reputation. Our systems, process and practices are all audited and certified by international accreditation agencies. These include ISO 9001 (International Quality management System) and ISO 22000 (International Food safety management system). Our product is regularly tested by the Uganda National Bureau of Standards. Besides this independent verification we also submit samples to the South African Bureau of Standards, Coca Cola Laboratories and an independent testing facility called Talbot & Talbot, all in South Africa.
We welcome and encourage consumers to visit our facility and see first-hand how we manage the integrity of our product. Please contact Rachael on 0774059656 or email: to arrange a tour.”

So atleast everyone can be assured quality drinking water, if you are in balance, just call the number provided in the notice.