Singer Eddy Kenzo almost beats up another Entertainer


By our writer

2015 BET Winner, Eddy Kenzo is said to have almost flexed with a Club Amnesia Deejay during the Club’s Campus theme night over a song. Close sources revealed that the ‘Sitya loss’ singer first complained about the Dj for not playing his music yet he knew he was around and was expected to perform later on.

As the crowd increased, Kenzo was called to perform, so he asked the deejay that he wants to perform ‘Zigido’ first, to make matters worse the Deejay didn’t have the song. “Why does everyone hate my success, am the bestselling artiste at the moment and people should respect my”, Kenzo angrily aired out his anger on the Mic.

Amidst pleas from the Club Management, Kenzo dropped the Mic and stormed off to meet his Rema. Only God knows how the Deejay survived a beating after Dembe’s Kasuku landed in his bare knuckles.