Sk Mbuga leaves Leila Kayondo heart broken,introduces Vivian


By: Sean Musa Carter

It looks like SK Mbuga a city tycoon got tired of shaping and waiting for singer Leila Kayondo and decided to visit a one Vivian Birungi. In Buganda, a man to be considered serious with a girl before introduction and marriage he’s supposed to visit a woman’s home and get her parents blessings plus approval and that’s what Mbuga did this Saturday.

After months of pulling ropes in a relationship with singer leila kayondo it looks like Mbuga couldnt wait to settle for less so he decide to go ahead and dropped her for a fresh new catch. However this didn’t leave Leila settled so she took it to social media and posted non revealing nude photos.

It looks like after all a person you last with in a relationship is not the one you end up with, sorry for Leila though. see pic belowmbu