Sony released promo video ahead of Xperia X preorder.


In the recent Mobile World Congress, Sony Mobile announced a new line of Xperia handsets, including the Xperia XA and Xperia X. The company has already sent out emails for those interested in pre-ordering Xperia X and even attached a promotional teaser about it.

The promotional video highlighted one of the best features of the Xperia X: the Predictive Hybrid AutoFocus. The device’s 23 MP camera was previously in the news for its promising capability, but the company did not release any more details about it.


The camera is designed to follow the subject automatically as it moves. Furthermore, it is able to anticipate the next movement of the subject while keeping the focal point intact.
The video shows a woman taking a photo of someone doing bicycle exhibitions. Since the camera can provide clear shots with no interruption, the end result is delivered as expected.

“Xperia X Performance boasts our new flagship camera, which is our smartest and fastest yet. With quicker response times, more intelligent focus and a new highly adaptive shutter speed, you get clearer shots in the toughest situations,” the company wrote on their website.

They also added that the camera’s technology can give sharper results, and can capture shots in less than 0.6 seconds.

Sony has sent out emails to those who have signed-up for the pre-order. The pre-order comes with an “exclusive offer,” but the company did not specify what the offer will be. Android Authority believes that it can be a cash-back rebate, a free case or a cross-promotion.

The publication also noted that the company is in need to sell more of the handsets so they may offer what is favorable to the consumers. The device is rumored to be released soon, though the company has yet to confirm a date.
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