Tazibone sides with Sheilah Gashumba about TV Salaries


NTV Style Project show editor Tazibone Solomon, has come out to back Sheilah Gashumba about TV presenter’s pay rise request.

Through a sub-tweet on one of Sheilah Gashumba’s rants, Tazibone confirmed to the pencil-thin socialite’s statements noting that being on the TV set is not a bed of roses as viewers might think.

He added that it’s all about smoke and mirrors before he went on to reveal that one can’t entirely depend on Ugandan TV alone to make ends meet.

Truth bombs! The majority believe being on TV is a bed of roses nga its all smoke and mirrors.

One can’t entirely depend being on Ugandan TV alone to get by. Ela nsasira nyo Ugandan TV presenters without side hustles.

The idea of fame and exposure is exciting, but not when a job propels you into the limelight and yet can’t pay you enough to maintain the image and lifestyle it requires.