“The Camera made me”,Access Films CEO Haruna Ssebagala shares his story


By Waiswa Brian

A few years back,being a deejay,Camera man was allegedly referred to as a job for failures.But as Bobi Wine said in his ‘Akalimu’ song,”No job is bad,its about how you present yourself to the customers“. Haruna who started his career in 2009 as a camera man,right now he has a story to tell.


“I have achieved good experience as a camera man in my long career as a camera man way back from 2009. I have almost worked with everybody in the entertainment industry, the corporate world,the private community and hey  lot has been achieved and everyday it gets better,Can’t stop talking about what Allah has done for me. Who could imagine a mere camera man could afford to own a car (his new Altezza car).


I don’t have a permanent employee.Ask me why, i have many reasons and they all rotate on brand lifetime,companies that have permanent employees face a lot of problems,trust me i was there, i know all that and i prepared well not to get disappointments. But as Access Films grows and grows maybe one time i will think about it and reverse my decision.

Working with Zari and your flight experience…

The experience i have had working with Zari the bosslady is a broad one. I have been given projects by her fans. People who like what she does. I’ve got connections in and around East Africa, Africa at large, trust me, she’s the client who paved way for the success of my brand. I owe Zari a lot. We sometimes disagree about stuff, but hey, two heads are better than one and trust me, a boss is a boss, Zari’s business ideas and art about stuff are cream.

I have been on a plane many times, first was shooting for Uganda Aviation School across Uganda, we again went to Kigali still on the same project.

I also had another flight to Dar, Tanzania shooting Diamond Platnumz and Zari’s 40 day celebration at the white house (D’s residence). A lot more gigs are underway. Getting booked already.

Last words…

The Camera doesn’t lie.That’s what i can say.