The truth about Nince Henry’s arrest and release


By Waiswa Brian

Singer Nince Henry was on Friday arrested on charges of fraud but was later released on Saturday after settling the debt with a one Mubende promoter.To cut the whole story short,his former Manager Frank Mazz received money for a show (way back last year) in Mubende and never informed the artiste about it and so he went on to use the money to meet his personal needs, Clueless Nince Henry as he was done with his performance last Friday, the promoter of the show he never performed at came with the police and took him into custody where he spent the night.

 Early Saturday morning,Nince Henry made phone calls that where successful and he was able to pay back the promoter’s money which included the damages too.The promoter walked away with 5million with 3Million was meant the damages as he claimed that people destroyed and damaged the venue when Nince Henry didn’t turn up.2Million was the actual amount Nince Henry’s former manager received.