“Time will catch up with all those who cared about currency…”A Pass mocks Bebe Cool


By our writer

From publicly declaring his love for TV star Flavia Tumusiime, musician A pass is well known for standing his foot not holding back his emotions over issues.

In the latest development, Musician A pass has attacked long time friend Bebe cool over the yellow money. He talked about how time will catch up with everyone who care about legacy but rather followed currency,Apass wrote Bebe Cool’s hit song ‘Byebyo’ that was ranked number three among Africa’s top 50 songs of 2015 on MTVBase.

Time will catch up with all those who cared about currency and not legacy” – He said in a comment on Bebe Cool’s Facebook page. Was this mockery or Apass was trying to send a direct message to fellow singer. We shall keep you posted because Bebe Cool’s never lets anything go like that.