Top Security ‘guru’ Dixon Okello speaks out about Stella Nyanzi’s nudity incident


By Waiswa Brian

Many people are still in total shock about how such a top Education elite at a top institution could undress her self on Live TV amidst all media houses in protest over closure of her office. FDC die hard and Makerere University research guru Stella Nyanzi took and shared her nudes pictures on social media amidst her students and MUK Vice Chancellor Vincert Dumba.

Top celebrities have come out come to express their thoughts about the incident,among them is Dixon Okello,a top Events security guru and consultant who was quoted as seen below;

“God save this Country: I’m tempted to lash out in self-righteous indignation at the behavior of some Ugandans, who pose nude for attention, but I’ve experienced God’s mercy for my own sins—and I know Jesus has a lot more patience than I do when people “mess up”. What would Jesus say to Ugandans who pose nude? I think He would say the same thing he says to all of us, regardless of how famous (or infamous) we are or how ridiculous we act in public. Jesus died for everybody—rich or poor, nude or clothed, self-absorbed or humble.

 This is not the first time a famous person, actress or model has taken her clothes off to pose on social media. But even secular critics viewed these stunts as shameless and self-serving,yet Ugandan so called celebrities don’t see anything inconsistent with the idea of mentoring young teens(who are their biggest fans) while posing nude on social media.”