Tycoon KAKI buys 300 tickets at Kenzo’s Concert


By Waiswa Brian

As he normally says ‘God above everything’, after giving Eddy Kenzo a monster ‘Range Rover’ ride as a gift for his hard work and being a source of inspiration to the young Ugandan youths, city tycoon KAKI went on and further bought 300 tickets for all his employees and Kenzo’s fans around Kampala ahead of the singer’s concert on 2nd September at Hotel Africana.

“I have seen Kenzo grow up, in fact he shot his first 2 videos around our fuel station. We are not about to stop supporting and helping Kenzo. We have always helped him in many things. So on behalf of my boss Kaki, we have bought 300 tickets at his Concert in September’,Kaki’s operations manager, Tom Sekivu handed over the monster car to Kenzo on the tycoons behalf at the company’s offices in Mengo, Kampala.

With each of Kenzo’s ordinary ticket going for 20,000 and V.I.P at 50,000. You can do the maths yourself.