Uganda Rugby union bows down to pressure from Media

Uganda Rugby Cranes

By staff writer

The Players who are supposed to receive allowances of $250 for international matches away from home and $150 for matches played at home.
But trust “mafias” running the Uganda Rugby union,this was changed to 250,000 Uganda shillings (away matches) and 150,000 for home matches. These allowances, are never paid in time and this has greatly affected team motivation.
The team didn’t get allowances for the game against Kenya, that was played in Nairobi on Saturday. The union,as usual “promised” to pay them after the game but players are worried that it might take another 8 months,like it happened after the Tier B championship last year.

However, after all this, the URU bowed down to pressure and accepted reforms, after exposing the rot in the Uganda Rugby union and getting massive support from both National players and fans,the Union officials, lost face and under pressure,decided to pay players allowances the following day. The officials, had earlier told National players, that they were not important after being treated like slaves during and after the matches played against Kenya, Zimbabwe and Namibia.

This week,fans will hand over evidence (documents) to the office of the IGG, exposing more rot in the Union. Thanks for your constant support. We must kick out incompetent and corrupt officials from the Union.The players,must always get their training and match allowances paid in time,for better results and team motivation.