Ugandan celebrities speak out after the 2016 Presidential results


Compiled by Waiswa Brian

What’s victory? It’s all in the conscience. If you lined up and ticked the candidate of choice without any inducement, that’s your president. That’s moral victory. The total count in the end does not weigh above yours in importance. You voted for your president. You can’t be a loser. You won. This is the only vote you could determine and you did.

Aldrine Nsubuga Snr

Congratulations President Elect Yoweri Museveni. You are entering a fifth term in a highly polarized country that is broken and crying out to be heard. You have found strength in helping the great lakes region, kindly refocus your efforts on the citizenry, welfare and wellbeing. Let the manifesto get off paper to implementation. Help the 83% jobless youth. In the same breath I would like to salute Dr.Kizza Besigye, you truly have stirred the waters, you are a true change catalyst and charismatic leader.

Daily Monitor’s Roger Mugisha

Someone tell Eng.Badru Kiggundu to look straight into the cameras or his not confident of what his telling the nation… Is he guilty???

KFM’s Abdu Wasike

Congratulations to the Elected President of Uganda 2016 – Y.K.Museveni.And for all society condemning each other on who voted and supported who it’s not Primary now. It’s time to reconcile and together build our nation with the greatest of our abilities.

To all Friends and Fans who have thrown unkindness to me for practicing my fundamental right of choice, please stop threatening to boycott my Showcases that shows how conditional your support to me is. I have never insulted your love for other artistes simply because such is life.If I offended any of you in that manner,Stay home next time I have a Show and wait for those you support unconditionally.

Singer Jose Chameleone

I’m very proud of you Dr. Kizza Besigye, Thank You very much Mr.President.

Comedian Salvador Idringi

President Museveni is like that husband who will force his wife into sex when she got tired of him and divorced,he will use force on her as he he has done with Uganda.

Comedian Kato Lubwama

Congratulations Mr President let’s have our internet and Mobile Money back that’s all we ask for heavenly sake.

NTV’s Douglas Lwanga