Ugandan cosmetic line,Minama launches new product


By Our Reporter

Ugandan beauty and cosmetology brand, Minama has today announced the release of its latest skincare product, out on the market. The brand’s C.E.O Afsana Pey S.K announced the release of its Minama skin oil, which goes on the market today, in Uganda and across the continent.

“Minama skin glow oil has really helped many of our clients and myself, particularly for ailments like Acne, blemishes, black spots, scars, etc. it also clears your skin and leaves it glowing with that beautiful shine,” she explains.

When asked what was her motivation for setting up the skincare line, Afsana explains that she suffered from skin issues for a long time, and being as there weren’t many solutions available on the market, she decided to start up her own skincare line, whose many other products include lotions, soaps, creams and other cosmetics.

“I know first-hand how bad skin can affect you, especially your confidence, so I started the line to help others and myself.  We have more products launching in December, and we can’t wait for all our clients, old and new to get their hands on this skin oil,” she concludes.