“Ugandans will appreciate me 10-20 years to come”,Bebe Cool reveals.


By Waiswa Brian

After facing a lot of criticism from the public and media about being the front leader of the ‘Tubonga nawe’ team,Uganda’s Music Icon and son to former Minister Jaberi Bidandi  Ssali,Bebe Cool last week revealed why he has always supported NRM and why he doesn’t regret his decision.

 Bebe Cool revealed via a phone conversation as quoted ; “Yeah FDC Politicians can go ahead and tell fans to boycott our shows,it’s very ok. I Bebe Cool am a man of my word,I have not started supporting President Museveni recently,I have always supported him before even when my father stood against him (Bidandi Ssali). As a royal citizen of this country this is my greatest decision and Ugandans will appreciate me one day in a few years to come,they will see that I didn’t have any selfish interest but I was trying to save my country. Look at Libya it will never be the same again,i never whatever to see such a situation in my own country.I have lived all my life in Uganda,I couldn’t let instability come like that. Ugandans wont understand me today but trust me 10-20 years to come they will take me as a hero. And to the Zzina Awards,am way beyond that level.”

Am not a politician but a human activist who loves my country and it’s people’,Bebe Cool added on.