We need to restore back Africa’s Economic Independence-Charles N Lambert


The greatest lie on the face of the earth today is that Africa needs Aid from anyone. The concept of development partners being those who bring capital for development concerns to Africa is a lie whose proportion is detrimental to progress.

Africa has practically halted any serious wave of push towards industrialization of the continent and the massive job creation it would bring for our growing youth population.

Those two lies mentioned above have been the Achilles heel to the industrialization, development and prosperity of the African continent. As Bob Marley said” Emancipate yourself from mental slavery, none but ourselves shall free our minds. Have no fear for atomic energy cause none of them can stop the TIME”.

According to Charles N Lambert the C.E., he preaches on economic war is all about educating Africans to change their buying decisions and defeat the Western world and Asians with economic Truth.

The Black Wall Street (BWS) movement wants to see Africans develop economic power and earning power.

Charles N Lambert, the Leader of Africa’s first Economic war said he is on the mission to Africa as they own economically.  The money will be used to build schools, hospitals, roads, villages, and necessary infrastructure that’s what he said in the video as he was explaining the economic war.