We shall lock her up for days as a punishment Father Simon Lokodo on Bad Black


“If she continues threatening the government, we shall lock her up for days as a punishment,” said the Minister of Ethics and Integrity, Father Simon Lokodo.

Celebrated socialite, Bad Black, real names Shanitah Namuyimba may face arrest after Father Lokodo has threatened to arrest her, accusing her of extortion.

According to the minister, Bad Black is just aiming at extorting the government. He maintains that the government may choose to reward her for the advert she did but not the way she wants it. “We can appreciate her for a good job but she should not forcefully demand the money,” said Father Lokodo.

Bad Black recently threatened to she government if it does not pay her 500 million Uganda shillings for the COVID-19 advert she did urging prostitutes to refrain from truck drivers. Government however insists she did the advert for free.

 The no-nonsense minister is well known for his fight against pornography, having set up a pornography committee and a pornography detection machine not long ago.