“We wont compensate you”, Amnesia boss tells Haruna

Innocent Nahabwe

By staff writer

Top City photographer Haruna Ssebagala popularly know as Access Films has opened up  theft case against a Club Amnesia bouncer identified as Kassim at CPS who was later jailed.

The photographer claims to have been beaten up by Kassim on June 8th as he tried to enter the club to cover an event. During the scuffle, Haruna says he lost his bag containing his property.

Even after the incident, Amnesia boss, Innocent Nahabwe came as quoted, “If this is meant to get money from me, my apologies but this ploy wont be successful. Club Amnesia is safe as always. We value the life and property of the customers. Their security is also paramount. We check everyone who enters the club. I can confirm that nothing like the above happened in Club Amnesia. All our patrons know that we value them and will continue to do so“.