What artistes need to know about Comprehensive,Fast-Track Education In Music Licensing


By Enewsug Team

Unfortunately, Most Musicians Will Never Learn How To Make An Adequate Living From Their Music… Not Because They’re Not Good Enough… Not because Their Music Isn’t Great… They Just Won’t Take The Time To Learn How To Take Their Career Into Their Own Hands And Develop The Skills Needed To Successfully Market Their Music..

How You Get Paid When You License Your Music For television shows

Each time a song is used on air a performance royalty is generated.{A performance royalty is owed to the songwriter and publisher of a particular song whenever that composition is “broadcast” or performed “in public.”

These instances include:

• plays on terrestrial and satellite radio (Sirius, KEXP, etc.)

• usages on network and cable TV, film, commercials, games, etc.

• plays on internet radio

• plays on online music streaming services (Spottily, Pandora, etc.)

• performances in live venues The stations, networks, venues, and music services that benefit from the public broadcast/performance of your music owe you a performance royalty for those usages . } The royalty amount varies based on a number of factors including the length of the segment as well as how prominently it is used. Each performance generates both a writer’s and publisher’s royalty. If you work with a music publisher you both essentially get half of the entire royalty. If you are able to place the music without the aid of a publisher you retain both the writer’s share and publisher’s share of the performance royalty. Again, the amount varies

 Why Most Musicians Don’t Earn An Adequate Living From Their Music.

Most musicians I know are shooting in the dark with their careers. They are waiting for some sort of elusive success that will probably NEVER come. I’m not saying this to scare you or to alarm you. I’m saying this because it’s true. Unless you have an AMAZING manager or are VERY VERY lucky, the odds are simply stacked against you. There are MILLIONS of other bands and artists that are trying to break into the music business as well. But the good news is that MOST of the competition will not take the necessary steps to succeed. This is good news for YOU! You can set yourself apart by educating yourself and taking FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your own career.

  Your Songs Placed In TV And Film  – A 20 Billion Dollar A Year Business Getting your songs placed in Television shows and films can be a wonderful source of income for musicians. Record sales have been declining for several years now but the licensing and publishing aspect of the music industry has never been stronger. The Music Licensing industry alone is a 20 BILLION dollar a year market. These days there are endless opportunities to provide your music as background music for various mediums. From TV shows to movies to websites and video games, independent music is everywhere. The music industry, like all industries, is constantly changing and evolving. To survive, and eventually thrive, it’s imperative that you stay abreast of the where the music industry is headed and stay on top of where the demand is for your music. Making a living as a musician can be an extremely challenging task, to say the least. Its difficult . But if you’re driven enough and are smart about what you’re doing, making a comfortable living is very attainable.

What’s the solution?

You HAVE to learn how to take matters into your own hands. Just writing a great song doesn’t guarantee that you’re going to make any money from it or that anyone will ever hear it!! You can’t sit around and wait for someone to discover you! It’s NOT going to happen. Really, it’s not. The odds about the same as winning the lottery. Have you ever won the lottery? Well I haven’t either! However, the good news is YOU CAN succeed if you take FULL RESPONSIBILITY for your music career.