What to learn from Pallaso’s new AK47 tattoo


By Elijah Mutabuza


In the previous weeks we talked of how Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso acquired a new tattoo in the image of a gun called ‘AK47’ as he was preparing for his brother Emmanuel Mayanja aka AK47 birthday at Venom that died some months back at the infamous Dejavu bar in Kansanga. It is from that time that we came to realize what Pallaso has been going through with the great pain of the loss of his young brother.

As if that was not enough, as we write this, Pallaso has acquired another new tattoo but this time different, it has the name AK47 with handcuffed hands and he said that ”And I will tell you all about it when I see you again !!” a statement that would bring all the hurting and fond memories of the fallen young dancehall king.

Now, it is from that new tattoo that we have come up with things to learn, you know it is good to look at something, but it is better to analyze and learn from it. So from the tattoo we have got to learn like two or three lessons as they are going to be stressed;

We all have relatives, friends and even lovers, yes we can never wish them to leave us in this crazy World ALONE, but from Pallaso’s new tattoo, i have learnt that always we have to respect blood! blood is thicker than water and this shows that whenever someone looses someone important in his /her life, it will never ever come to pass, memories will always prevail.

Secondly, this thing Pallaso did, shows the undisputed, unchallenged true love and brotherhood. This kind of love brotherhood can never fade or extinct, never, because it has the thickest bond which is brotherhood ans respect.

Thirdly and sadly, this manifests that Pallaso is still mourning his late brother! yes we loose people, grief, and later some how overcome that deep pain and learn to live like nothing has ever happened for a while, but the way Pallaso is remembering his late brother AK47 is a sign that he is still living on fresh memories and to him, its like AK47 was buried yesterday or the other day. thus he keeps tattoos on his body to keep up with him.

I have seen brotherhood love but Pallaso’s have made to believe that there is surely life after death, s he also believes…… AK47 will live forever and will be remembered always….