“You can now call me Good Brown”, Bad Black reveals about her prison life


By Waiswa Brian

Earlier on this morning,socialite Black Black was released after serving her 4 years Jail sentence. However,she couldn’t hide the excitement as she went on to call for a press conference that was held at Silk Liquid.

  Bad Black narrated part of her prison life to the media as quoted below;” Yeah its true Luzira Prison is true definition of a University of understanding. I have acquired good manners,in fact ever since i got to know that my release date was on 14th March 2016, i always ignored people who provoked me hence not beating them up as i used to do while i was still out. My fellow inmates provoked me a lot during my jail sentence but i was always calm because i knew i was a star. I have learnt to be in society with my fellow human beings cause if it wasn’t for my sentence i couldn’t have become a better person. In Prison i was catered for very well as i always got whatever i wanted and never fell sick. To all those girls and other people i used to hang out with,Please dont come near me,none of you came to visit me yet i spent my money on you, dont call or text me. I want the public to know am a reformed person (You can now call me Good Brown) though some of you will be referring to me as an ex-convict. Am going to embark on my singing career,”.