Ziza Bafana finally speaks about the death of 2 revelers at his show.


By Waiswa Brian

Ziza Bafana known for his top hits like ‘Agende’ and ‘Tuli Majje’, has landed into hot soup with the Police after he failed to turn up for a show, something which led to a scuffle that led to the death of 2 people. However, Ziza Bafana’s management quickly came out to defend themselves.

The ‘Agende’ singer’s manager Roger was quoted, “We received about 2.5 Million, then the promoter promised to clear our balance within two days to the event. We tried calling him and all he could say is I will clear yo soon. Promoters have a tendency of not clearing an artiste once they step on stage and perform. So we drove from Kampala to Jinja and made a stop over, a way to shorten our distance to Bugiri. We then called him again but he didn’t pick. As it approached midnight, I told my client (Ziza Bafana) to board and we drive back. Its so sad people lost their lives during the scuffle because they had not seen the artiste advertised (Bafana) on stage. Our sincere condolences to the families”.