Ziza Bafana in a hot project with Wonders Just


By Elijah Mutabuza

Celebrated super raga dancehall sensation Ziza Bafana of Magic Empire is working on a project with one top producer Nash Wonders at his Wonders Just studios. Ziza was seen late this evening at the studio premises where he held closed door talks with Nash Wonders for long hours and after the talk, every one’s smiles were signaling a hot deal project wise between the two.
It should be remembered that Nash Wonders’ style of production is majorly Dancehall and if Ziza Bafana Is teaming up with a producer who does best his style of music, then we the fans have to keep hoping for something bigger and hotter.
Ziza Bafana has not yet announced it officially but as you know Enews, we say it first and we have said it now, let’s wait for the full project out.