Eddy Kenzo’s Heartfelt Gesture: A $500 Pledge to DJ Shiru’s Daughter’s ICU Treatment


In a heartwarming display of compassion and solidarity within the Ugandan music community, renowned singer Eddy Kenzo recently made a generous pledge of $500 to DJ Shiru, whose daughter has been battling heart-related diseases and undergoing intensive care for over three months. The touching incident occurred during a momentous meeting between the Ugandan Musicians Federation and the DJ Federation, where musicians came together to support their colleague in his time of need.

DJ Shiru, a well-respected figure in the Ugandan music scene from Mukono, had been facing a deeply challenging period as he watched his daughter fight bravely against her medical condition. The emotional toll of seeing a loved one in such a delicate state is immeasurable, and the financial burden of prolonged hospitalization only adds to the distress.

During the meeting between the two influential federations, the primary focus was on uniting the music industry, but amidst the discussions and camaraderie, Eddy Kenzo, known for his heartfelt music and philanthropy, stepped forward with a sincere and spontaneous gesture. With a resolute voice, he expressed his desire to help DJ Shiru and his family during their difficult journey by pledging $500 towards the daughter’s ICU treatment.

The announcement of Eddy Kenzo’s pledge was met with an outpouring of emotions from those present at the meeting. His fellow musicians and industry peers were quick to show their support and admiration for his selfless act, praising him for setting an example of compassion and empathy.

Eddy Kenzo’s philanthropy is nothing new to his fans and the Ugandan community. Throughout his successful music career, he has been involved in numerous charitable initiatives, supporting causes ranging from education and healthcare to poverty alleviation. His commitment to giving back to society has made him not only a celebrated artist but also a role model for aspiring musicians and young people across the country.