Samona’s wife claims she breastfed three other women’s children, but he has rejected hers.


Michael Kasawuli, a city businessman, is immersed in a legal struggle with his first wife, which could result in her being evicted from her matrimonial home, where she has lived for the past 24 years. The tycoon, known as Samona, accuses Rose Nantume, 50, of having two children outside of their marriage.

Nantume, on the other hand, believes that Samona has always been in the know that the two children (their first and last born) were fathered by other men.

She claims her estranged husband was aware of and accepted the conditions under which the children (now adults) were born, and that he raised and educated them without complaint until recently.

She believes her in-laws are behind the fight to force her out of the house she helped create.

Nantume stated this week in an interview that she met Samona as a young man hustling in the city. He was a hawker, while she was manufacturing crisps.

She moved in with him when she was only sixteen. “He had nothing; he was assisting me in vending my crisps.” “He was also a photographer,” the mother of seven explained.

Nantume claims that she hustled with Samona over the years, and the two created the cosmetics business together to where it is today.

They rented in the city for the first ten years, but then relocated to his ancestral home in Mpigi, where they built the two-story house she’s lived in for the last 24 years.

However, Samona and other of his family members booted her out of the house a few days ago, accusing her of promiscuity.

Samona said that he just conducted DNA tests on all 25 of his children from all of his marriages and discovered that only 15 were his.

Nantume hurried to court last week, on June 27, after being violently removed from her home, and obtained an order restoring her back at the Mpigi household, pending the resolution of the main case.

Nantume questioned why Samona had turned against her despite the fact that she helped raise his own children, even breastfeeding three of them as her own.

Nantume is known as Nalongo (mother of twins), even though she never produced twins. She says she got this name because shortly after giving birth to one of her children, Samona brought her another newborn from a woman he had impregnated, but she unfortunately died during chol both.

It was a very challenging moment; we thought of taking the baby to Sanyu Babies Home, but my mother advised me to raise that baby, and I did. I breastfed him like my own; he’s now grown up out there in the city,” she said.

Years later, Nantume says her husband impregnated another woman, a student and daughter of a fellow businessman.

I remember we had to hide him because they were hunting him down to arrest him,” she said.

After the young woman gave birth to a set of twins, her father said he wanted her daughter back to take her abroad, so they brought me the twins, aged only one month, and I had to breastfeed and raise them.”

Currently, Nantume says she has given up on her marriage. She says she wants a divorce, but Samona, through his lawyers, says he can’t divorce a woman he’s not officially married to.

Nantume however, says the fact that they had an introduction ceremony at her home in Masuulita, the two are technically married.