10 things you never knew about the ‘Nike Air MAG’ shoes Chameleon bought


By Waiswa Brian

Singer Chameleon yesterday posted a pic of his new Nike Air MAG shoes and many doubted the price he bought as different media houses went on to estimate its worth Ushs 44Million and 30 Million,Well,Let’s leave that to the one who bought the shoes. Here are some facts about the Nike Air MAG you may not know;

1. The MAG was the first shoe Nike designed specifically for a movie.
2. The MAG’s name comes from the word “magnetic.”
3. Nike actually had a say in the story of the movie.
4. The MAG in the movie didn’t actually power-lace.
5. Multiple sizes of the original Nike MAGs were made—smaller ones to accommodate Michael J. Fox’s feet and larger pairs for the stunt men.

6. MAG means Magnetic Anti Gravity.

7. The MAG is the best known, but not the only sneaker Nike has created for a movie.
“We’ve designed other movie products since that original Back To The Future 2 movie, like the Bat boots that we did for Batman.” – Tinker Hatfield

8.The process to remake the MAG began in October of 2005.

“I was just having a one-on-one with Tinker, and I was new in the group. I was chatting with him about how the company works, and so on and so forth, and shortly after that he approached me and said ‘Hey, do you want to work on a project?’ I said, ‘What is it?’ and he told me, ‘Let’s remake this Back to the Future shoe. There’re petitions and things, and people want this shoe.’” – Tiffany Beers

9.Once the shoes were made, they were kept in a special warehouse where they were inspected over and over, to ensure each one that was sold at auction was perfect.
“We spent hundreds of hours in the warehouse sorting product and inspecting product. Each shoe had been inspected by someone probably, at least, 10 times. We went through them and through them – we wanted them to be perfect. Once the consumer got it, they weren’t going to want to return it, so we wanted it to be perfect for them. “ – Tiffany Beers revealed.
The highest bid on a single pair of 2011 MAGs was $37,500.

SD Mag_Warehouse 2

10. The highest bid on a single pair of 2011 MAGs was $37,500.

Rapper Tinie Tempah at the auction.

At the MAG unveiling event in 2011, British rapper Tinie Tempah won the first pair of sneakers auctioned off for a whopping $37,500.