13 Small and Big Ways to Save Money


Little things really do add up. Making a few little changes in your daily activity can make a big difference! Here’s some other money saving tips that I’ve done myself, courtesy of SavvySugar.com

1. Check your bank account daily to make sure there aren’t any weird charges.

2. When traveling, don’t check in your luggage. Click here for more travel tips.

3. Don’t use your credit card overseas unless it doesn’t have foreign transaction fees.

4. Sell your old things and buy used items.

5. Keep your receipts, and return the purchases you need to return.

6. Check out HomeAway instead of hotels.

7. Find one (or two) good rewards credit card(s) and use it smartly.

8. Explore free activities on the weekend.

9. Always try to wait for a sale before buying something.

10. Plan out your meals for the entire week.

11. Automate payments so you won’t forget and be charged with late fees.

12. When dining out, stop ordering and drinking soda, drink water instead.

13. Don’t feel obligated to say yes to every invitation (such as.. weddings, dinners, events, etc.)