“15th March 1999 i saw a twelve year-old boy with his admission form” Abel Dhaira’s former teacher speaks out


By Waiswa Brian

When Abel Dhaira’s body remains arrived in Jinja,his father decided that his body should first be taken to his former school Jinja sss for his former colleagues and teachers to pay their last respect to the fallen star. However,his former teacher Mr.Ongom William reflected on the first day of meeting the late Abel Dhaira as he was quoted below;


ABEL DHAIRA – His past visits have always brought to us joy, laughters, pat on the back, rib cracking jokes,celebration as we navigate through memory lane….But this visit,the last visit…far from the previous ones, created a sombre mood…a gloomy dark cloud hunged over us..sob..sob..sob engulfed our community.
I started reflecting: If this is the last visit then there was the first one.
Yes the first visit was on 15 th March 1999 when a twelve year-old boy sought admission and subsequently admitted under the Admission Number 1999/109 in S1C..The PLE Recommendation from Walukuba East Primary school reads, in part, “He is an outstanding footballer”.
Indeed this recommendation wrote a Prologue that introduced the whole fast moving narrative/script on the life and time(continuum) of ABEL DHAIRA. By 2002(in S4) the boy…now the great young man had become a household name,2003 to 2004 (in S5 & S6), witnessed the most glorious moments in School Football,we conquered,dominated and subdued our opponents on the pitch because of his safe hands.Our pitch where he would issue commands to the defenders but now lies him in stillness was slaughtering field.The great man had become an accomplished Athlete ready for World Football.Goodbye our hero.RIP Abel Dhaira”