5 Celebrities ‘Bad Black’ has ever dated.


By Waiswa Brian

1.Eugene Ssepunya.


He is a Ugandan striker who plays his professional football in Iceland but currently nursing a broken leg. Bad Black was always seen parting with the dreaded Cranes ‘sharp shooter’,and at one after giving birth,Bad Black claimed he was the rightful father of her kid,something Eugene denied.

 2.Kim Swagga

Kim Swagga with a USA stripper
Kim Swagga with a USA stripper.

Fashionista Kim Swagga rose from Bad Black’s showbiz ‘strategist’ to ‘lover’ within a short time. Well aware that Bad Black cant do without a man in her life,Kim Swagga took over from Meddie Ssentongo who had grown wings after extorting money from former lover Bad Black.

 3.Eric Obua


Younger brother to Soccer Ace David Obua,Eric Obua is also a footballer  who at that time was playing for URA FC. Sources revealed that Bad Black made the first move on Eric the very first time she saw him at one of her open bar spending sprees. Eric was also linked to be among the very many possible fathers of Bad Black’s kid.

 4.David GreenHalgh

He was the money bag who brought Bad Black to lime light. GreenHalgh who loved Bad Black with his life,trusted her with her businesses and finances. This is how she used that advantage and robbed him with help from Meddie Ssentongo (then secret Lover). She always told the public he was the rightful father until the day she gave birth to a black baby.

 5.Meddie Ssentongo


Here comes Meddie Ssentongo,a long time secret lover to Bad Black who planned the whole raid on Greenhalgh’s money. Meddie was also Bad Black’s showbiz strategist and financial controller who robbed her enough to staff off his estates businesses,put up posh houses,buy expensive rides which were all claimed by the Anti  Corruption court as a way of refunding back ‘zungu’ Greenhlagh’s money.

I didn’t want to include Nigerian singer Mr. Flavor because this was a one night stand ‘service’ Bad Black paid for,then a few artistes who i don’t have concrete evidence on though i have the pics. WhatsApp 0704138085.