Abryanz introduces New Categories for his ASFA Awards 2015


Local Designer Brian Ahumuza a.k.a Abraynz has brought in new life in his Style & Fashion Award this year., he has introduced in new and exciting Categories to make it more interesting.

The New Categories for the ASFA 2015.
In case you have been off the radar for some reason, or the other, you may have missed the biggest announcement of the year; the Abryanz Style & Fashion Award 2015 are back.

And this year’s segment is nothing like you have seen before. After moving to a new venue, the fresh and revamped  Style & Fashion Award has introduced a set of new categories that will be added to the previous categories of the past years.
You will be delighted to learn that the nomination list is stretching cross the border into the neighboring East African countries, like Kenya, Tanzania, and Rwanda and across Africa. That means we will have nominees from across the East African countries.
The new categories have been introduced to recognize those sectors in the industry that were previously not catered for. Some of the new categories include the Stylist of the year, Most stylish East African Couple, Continental Style influencer, Best Dressed politician and many others.

See Full List below.
Male Continental Style& Fashion Influencer
Female Continental Style& Fashion Influencer
East Africa’s most stylish Couple
Special recognition in fashion
Best Dressed Male Politician
Best Dressed Female Politician
Stylist of the year
Best Dressed Male Media Personality of the year
Best Dressed Female Media Personality of the year
East African Fashion designer of the year
East African Model of the year
Most stylish Male Ugandan in the Diaspora
Most stylish Female Ugandan in the Diaspora
Male Fashionista of the Year
Female Fashionista of the year
Best dressed Male Corporate Personality/Businessman
Best dressed Female Corporate Personality/Businessman