All Set for Country Of Men movie premier


By Our Reporter

A new film, Country of men, will be premiered on 2nd of October at the Century Cinemax at acacia mall and Tickets go for 30k.

The movie is packed with seasoned and celebrated Model Kush Kriss (Chrispus Kushemererwa) and model Alicia Nassolo.

Kush Kriss is the main act in the movie, alongside Alicia Nassolo. The film tells the story of war aftermath where A country with no Economy and Governance is no habitat for the Vulnerable and everyone has to fight to protect their own. Loyalty is key but where Love is even Family breaks.

Written Produced and Directed by former model Avan Kavy Kavuma who envisioned this group of men leaving in the mountains and what they only do is raid neighboring villages for food and other necessities, this imaginary futuristic country is dominated by men-details and more watch it yourself.

The executive producer Giovanikavyboss Kavuma who invested money in the film was also a model who suddenly passed on a few weeks ago in August.

Giovanikavyboss Kavuma the producer of the film, said it took a lot of convincing and explaining to make Model Kush accept the role.