‘Am not gay’,Abryanz clears air


By Waiswa Brian

Fashionista and businessman Ahumuza Brian a.k.a Abryanz over the years a lot has been said about him from the way he dresses to his lifestyle.

Abryanz who is set to host the Abryanz Fashion and Style Awards tomorrow came out today and cleared the air about allegations that he is funded by the gay community as quoted “I want to make this clear i have no gay funders,besides why didn’t say it 5 years ago when i was still shopping from Owino market.My story before helped me work so hard to at this level of hosting a show at Serena. But why do people start tagging us to gays and Illuminati when we become successful. Besides am dating someone but we live a private life because a relationship is someone’s choice to make it public or not“.