Abrayan’s ASFA 2015 preparations


This time round Brian Ahumuza a.k.a Abryanz has started in higher gear ahead on his Awards.ASFA 2015 preparations just keep getting better by the day. And we would love to announce our association with the world reknown classy and very exquisite brand, Ciroc who are the premium sponsors for this years award ceremony. Ciroc is known world over for its elegancy, and very exclusive parties across Africa and it is a great honour to have them on board. Looking for a drink that says you are part of the cool people, then Ciroc is what you should be sipping on.

Ciroc is a clear smooth and citrus flavored French Vodka for all Sophisticated celebrations. Ciroc is the Champagne of Vodkas ABOUT CIROC

1. Ciroc is made from Fine French Grapes Unlike most Vodkas that are distilled from grain , at the art of Ciroc Vodka lies fresh , succulent grapes

2. Expertise ; The French Master , born from the generations of wine – makers and distillers , brings together fine French grapes to create Ciroc Vodka

3. The Ciroc Signature ; The final distillation takes place in custom made copper pot stills , under the direction of the Master Distiller which gives Ciroc Vodka its Unique. Lets all be there to support our own.

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