Award Winning Actress ‘Pamela Keryeko’ Speaks About Effects Of Selling Off National Theater


By staff writer

Uganda film festival TV drama actress of the year, Pamela Keryeko has opened up on the ongoing crisis at National Theater. The ‘Coffee Shop’ drama series actress was asked what selling off National theater means to the arts, “It’s a loss that the arts fraternity will never recover from”, she asserted. “Have u seen the plans? It’s a proper commercial set up they’re planning. It’s going to be shops and offices. The development is not for the arts, it’s for the 1% rich population of the country”, she continued.

Pamela also informed us that artists are poorly paid. “The National Theater is where we go for rehearsals, for networking, it’s home and office for many artists, musicians, actors and painters”, passionately she continued expressing her opinion. “We will not have this privilege anymore once the high rise goes up”, she concluded.

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