Bantu clan release a new song and it tops chats in 2 days.


By Sean Carter Musa

Well known for strong live performances and their “Africa Ni Leo” song, the bantu clan went back to studio after a full year of no production and they released a fresh single dubbed YUDAH on which they featured Kendie Lava a Zimbabwean songstress.

Yudah is a song that outs a normal poor ugandan lifestyle where by if your poor everything will never be good for you and no one will ever look up to you and if your too rich then its your family and kids that will suffer after your death which may result into them fighting and killing each other for your own wealth. It was penned down and sang in 3 different languages which include MC Chimey who leads with his LusogaFlow, Luganda rapped by Tkay 15, and Kendie Lava the Zimbabwean singer who pulled off strong vocals.

Being released on Friday, this true event inspired song was rated number 28 on Jinja’s biggest radio station 89.Smart FM and its audio is getting obscene downloads on various websites. Song was produced by Nase Avatar of portbell drive music with the help of Mukalazi a music teacher and analyst. Bantu clan continue to promise their fans a full 6 track album this year 2016 which will feature 6 artists from 6 different countries. We just can’t wait to have more of these generous hip-hop lines.