Barbie finds a solution to Bobi Wine’s other ‘Women’

Bobi Wine, Barbie in South Africa

By staff writer

Unlike sometime back when Bobi Wine is allegedly to have fathered a child in Dubai during one of his music tours, this time round Barbie Itungo is leaving no space for all that as she was seen with the singer as he headed to South Africa to perform in Durban, Pretoria and Cape tow cities at the eve of the weekend. Bobi Wine who landed safely in Johannesburg was welcomed by the Ugandan fans living in the Kwazulu Natal lands.

The ‘Situka’ singer is expected to perform in Durban tonight after arriving with Nubian Lee, Eddie Mutwe, Daxx Vibes as his Firebase crew he traveled with.

Here are some pictures minutes after he landed at the Johannesburg airport yesterday;

Bobi Wine and Barbie in South Africa Bobi Wine, Barbie in South Africa Fans welcome Bobi Wine in South Africa