Barbie Jay’s antics to con his big brother Aziz Azion fail to pay off


 By our writer 

Barbie Jay came into lime light with his hit song ‘Sumbusa’ featuring Eddy Kenzo, the singer then dropped a monster hit titled ‘Tombuza’, ever since then he has failed to shine again. Last week, the singer made headlines after when he made up a ‘prank’ to con money from his big brother and singer Aziz Azion. Together with his friends, Barbie jay set up a plan as he took a picture of himself handcuffed claiming that he had been arrested over illegal gold deals at the border of Congo,hoping it will pay off for his brother to release money to bail him out.

His close friend Zion revealed that they tried to contact his elder brother and singer, Aziz Azion for help but in Vain. The short and pin sized singer was quoted on his latest post, “Back to the drawing board…… You gonna love this one my beautiful friends.”Wakibala bubi”

below is Barbie Jay’s latest picture in studio