Be Quiet !!!,Emma Carlos tells Tamale Mirundi


By Waiswa Brian

Since the start of this week,out spoken presidential advisor has been attacking all artistes that featured in the ‘Tubonga Nawe‘ song with negative criticism from Juliana Kanyomoz who she called “a marriage failurer and that no man can take her serious” as well as branding Jose Chameleone “a poor man who has no house to sleep”. Meanwhile, sometime back when Tamale referred to Pallaso as a street kid who didn’t know his true parents after they released a song with King Saha dissing him.

Earlier on today,Kalifah manager posted today a simple advice to Tamale Mirundi  “I have been following the debate about the entertainers dinner with President Museveni keenly and silently not until Tamale Mirundi gave his opinion. Well i think he should leave music issues to us who are in music because he has no clue.
If he wants a debate on how powerful and influential artistes are ceritius paribus am up for a debate with him Plot 175 Hoima Road Bakuli/Bukesa