Bebe Cool buys car for ‘Gagamel Band’ leader


By our writer

When Zuena posted yesterday about people who are always judging her husband ‘Bebe Cool’ with negativity,she was right somewhere because earlier this morning the ‘Love Everyday’ singer posted on his Facebook page “Work hard,your rewarded.Congs josh”

Josh is the leader of the Gagamel Band,a position he has held for the last 5 years as they used to have the ‘Gagamel night’ at Club Amnesia,Silk Liquid and so many other performances.The ‘Flute’specialist is also Bebe Cool’s right hand man as he is seen on several times driving him around on shows outside Kampala. Its not the first time Bebe Cool is doing this,Last year, he bought a 10Million car for Gagamel Phamily leader Richard Kleberson and also gave out Ipad to other leaders running Gagamel.

Well the NRM Campaign money has done more good than harm per now.A big heart from you ‘Big Size’ Bebe cool.